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Alexa gets a makeover. Amazon’s voice assistant’s mobile application will benefit from a facelift. To better reflect the way users use Alexa, primarily for the voice assistant, Amazon has redesigned the app’s home page.

While it will still be possible to trigger the assistant by voice by saying its name, the button to trigger it manually will move to the top of the home page. Below, suggestions based on the user’s habits will be displayed and will allow, for example, to quickly set an alarm or reminder, to play recently listened music, or to access a shopping list.

The user will also be able to control the volume of the various Echo devices they own from this home page.

To help newcomers, Alexa will offer little tips on what can be done with the app. For the rest, the more advanced functions, such as skills and other routines, are moved to the “More” tab.
Recent studies have shown that Alexa skills, these third-party voice assistant applications, are used very little.

Source: Techcrunch

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