Amazon will be asking users of the Echo speaker, the Ring doorbell, and the Spotlight Cam surveillance camera to participate in its great Sidewalk wireless network project. The products will simply serve as Bluetooth bridges to operate this long-range, low-frequency neighborhood network. Smart. It is also necessary that people have confidence and agree to participate.

A competitor for Wi-Fi?

Users’ products would transmit security updates and commands from a central Wi-Fi hub. The signals would also triangulate the approximate location of a device, based on its contacts with other devices compatible with Sidewalk. So it would work like a mesh Wi-Fi network.

Amazon unveiled this Sidewalk project last year, which as its name suggests was designed to operate on a neighborhood scale. It could become a competitor of Wi-Fi or even technologies dedicated to IoT like Sigfox or LoRa. Sidewalk uses the 900 MHz frequency and is said to have a range of approximately 1.6 km.

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