AMD could buy Xilinx for $ 30 billion


Consolidation is accelerating in the semiconductor industry. After the start of the buyout process for ’ARM by Nvidia for 40 billion dollars last month, it was AMD’s turn to set its sights on Xilinx. If AMD is known in the world of PCs and video game consoles for which it produces central processors (CPU) and graphics chips (GPU), Xilinx is a quiet giant.

A company, headquartered in San José, California, that is the world leader in FPGAs, fully configurable and programmable processors. Its portfolio of chips is used in automobiles, data centers, wireless communication infrastructure and aerospace.

By acquiring Xilinx, AMD would follow in the footsteps of its eternal rival. In 2015, Intel had indeed spent $ 16.7 billion to swallow another FPGA champion, the American Altera. The takeover of Xilinx would allow AMD, which has been on the rise since its successes with Zen architectures and those of new consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series), to become a heavyweight in the semiconductor sector by addressing markets that were until then -there prohibited.

However, it remains for AMD and Xilinx, which could formalize their discussions next week, to agree on Wall Street Journal clarifies that previous discussions have already failed in the past.

Source : Wall Street Journal

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