AMD lifts the veil on Big Navi and offers a taste of its future graphics cards


Big Navi, or the most powerful Radeon RX 6000, does exist. Lisa Su, CEO of AMD, briefly showed off one of the team’s upcoming graphics cards at tonight’s presentation. An event which, as we recall, was dedicated new Ryzen 5000 processors.

This new graphics card is probably only the first of its generation and it is … massive, just like the first images let us think.

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“Big Navi” is the nickname that the teams have adopted to honor the nickname that the rumors have given it for very long months. And to make us wait until the end of the month, AMD presented us with a quick graph of the announced benefits of this juggernaut.

The three witness games (Borderlands 3 DX12, CoD: Modern Warfare DX12 and Gears 5 DX12) were set with the highest possible detail profile and were tested in 4K. The scores displayed above are expressed in frames per second and are very exciting for what follows.

We therefore look forward to being on October 28, in front of our screen, to find out what AMD has in store.

Countering Nvidia’s RTX offensive that has been going on for two years now won’t be easy, so AMD has its work cut out for it. But the company’s recent history has shown it doesn’t fear taking on big challenges. The proof, the new generation of Ryzen 5000 would be able to knock out the most powerful Intel Cores and, however, achieving this result was not an easy task.

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