A 449-page report compiling more than 1.3 million documents delivered yesterday by the US House of Representatives Antitrust Subcommittee head-on attacks the notorious GAFA, now called “Big Tech.” Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple were the subject of a 16-month investigation by a Democratic-majority commission of inquiry *.

Throughout the report, investigators have pointed to the different areas of economic life in which the GAFAs have too much economic weight and / or dominant positions that would distort competition.

The report calls for several legal actions to be taken, from forcing Apple to lower its 30% commission on digital sales, to forcing Google to separate YouTube or Facebook from Instagram.

With a Democratic majority, the sub-committee in charge of this report is already facing not only the response of certain Big Techs such as Amazon, but also to the resistance of certain Republicans.

The report itself, which presents many proposals, does not have the force of law. But the speech of American parliamentarians uses a serious vocabulary, pointing out that the Big Techs are comparable to “rail barons” and other “oil barons” (p.7 of the report). Important language in the economic history of the United States since the rail and oil cases led to the country’s first antitrust lawsuits.

Sources: Bloomberg, CNBC

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