No way of cloud gaming but well of game streaming. The nuance is subtle and Microsoft has taken advantage of it. Redmond has finally managed to place an application that will highlight its games at the heart of the Apple App Store. Without breaking any rules or being in competition with Arcade, the subscription games service of the Cupertino company!

It is the next update of the Xbox application, the arrival of which is expected in the coming weeks, which will allow Microsoft to achieve this little feat. Very similar to its counterpart already present on the Google Play Store, this app brings many changes, both cosmetic and functional.
Among them, the possibility of streaming games from your console, on the screen of your Apple device, as offered by Sony with the PS4 Remote Play (on Android and iOS). Until now, Microsoft only offered it on Android.

Microsoft wants to be everywhere

Wi-Fi, 4G and even 5G connections will be supported by the next app and will allow you to continue a game started at home, on your smartphone.
No need to leave the console on before leaving, you can turn it on from the application (no doubt by placing it on standby beforehand), without making any noise or without the activity LED on the front panel. lights up. After finishing your game, the console will go back to standby mode by itself after a few moments.

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Microsoft anticipates the arrival of its new consoles, Xbox Series S and X, since it will be possible to share videos and captures taken and stored on the Series thanks to the app. We can even do some cleaning on his console, by uninstalling games remotely. We can’t wait to test it!

Source: The Verge

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