Google today announces Android 11 Go, the “light” version of its Android 11 operating system. Dedicated to low / entry-level terminals primarily intended for emerging countries, Android Go 11 is evolving with the aim of offering the maximum performance possible with components much less efficient than those conventionally found in our devices.

For this version “11”, Android Go extends the amount of managed RAM from 1.5 (GB 10) to 2 GB of RAM. As the price of RAM has fallen over the past 12 months, more and more terminals under € 100 have taken the leap. In addition to this amount of memory that would add ” three to four additional applications in the background According to Google, the American company claims that the new version of the OS launches applications up to 20% faster. And manages 900MB of storage in addition to support the downloading of movies.

On the security front, Google isn’t taking Google Go for the fifth wheel of the carriage – the company has even gone all out to enable data encryption without hardware acceleration thanks to Adiantum. As with classic Android 11, Android 11 GB allows you to control access to peripherals (microphone, camera, GPS, etc.) and this now on a temporary basis. Data encryption is therefore part of the game as well as application scanning (Google Play Protect) or the terminal location service (Find My Device).

According to Google, last year no less than 1,600 different devices were launched on the market, mainly in emerging countries and at price points often below $ 100. Other than KaiOS, Google really doesn’t have any credible entry-level competition.

Source : Google via Engadget

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