Bad news for fans of Snapchat or the GCam, who have become accustomed to using a different camera than the one offered by default in Google’s OS in all their apps. Android 11 will now prevent them.

As our colleagues from 9to5google, When you want to take a photo from a third-party app such as Reddit, Slack or Google keep, Android 11 systematically launches the basic application installed on its device. If you absolutely want to use another application, for example to add filters, you can open it directly and then import the image from the photo library … which is of course more restrictive. Software like Instagram or Facebook, which have a camera integrated into their application, are not affected by this change since Android is not requested when taking a photo.

A change related to privacy?

If Google has not yet justified this change, one can easily imagine that this decision is intended to prevent malware from accessing your camera without your knowledge. Using the app Camera installed by default on your smartphone, Android 11 ensures better control of permissions. It is in any case the most logical track.

When it comes to quick launches, like double-pressing the smartphone’s power button, there are no changes to report. It is always possible to configure an alternative application on this shortcut, if the manufacturer of your mobile allows it.

Source: 9to5google

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