While the move to iOS 14 has been beneficial for the vast majority of iPhone owners overall, it obviously hasn’t had all the positive effects for everyone.

Since installing the latest iOS update on their iPhones, more and more people are complaining that their device’s battery life is crumbling.

If it is possible in the first days for the battery to be drained more than usual, it is in principle because the iPhone needs to do some background tasks, such as reindexing some files. When all these tasks are completed, the autonomy of the device normally returns to normal after a few days.

Unfortunately, for some users, battery life issues seem to persist, and posts to this effect on social media and Apple forums continue to increase. Apple also posts on its support pages a list of several issues that users may experience after upgrading to iOS 14, including possible loss of battery life. If you are the victim of this nasty bug, the Cupertino company advises to back up your data to iCloud, reset all the contents of the iPhone and then restore the device with your iCloud backup.

Sources: The Verge , Apple

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