Apple obviously doesn’t like people talking about the commissions it takes, and Facebook just paid the price. The social network just told Reuters that Apple had refused to update its application on the App Store.

In question, the display of a message explaining that a commission of 30% was charged by Apple on pages offering in-app purchases.

Pay online to support businesses in the face of the coronavirus

In the update of its application, Facebook intended to offer a solution to companies in around 20 countries, to offer and promote events and allow interested users to pay directly online from the application to participate.

With this feature, Facebook wanted to be able to help small businesses that have suffered lost revenue from the coronavirus. A few weeks ago, Facebook was already deploring Apple’s refusal to make an exception to the levying of a 30% commission on these events, even though it committed itself not to make any profit from them. for at least a year.

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The social network then explained that it wanted to indicate on the payment pages of the iOS application, the mention “Apple takes 30% on this purchase” without knowing whether this would be accepted.

The answer is known today. Faced with that little phrase, Apple simply refused to post the Facebook update on the App Store.

In order for it to be finally accepted on the Apple store, the social network had to resolve to remove any mention of the 30% commission levied by the Cupertino company on the payment pages of in-app purchases.

Source: Reuters

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