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And one more. According to Bloomberg, Apple would have once again taken over a start-up. This time it is the company Vilynx, specialized in AI applied to the video. The transaction would have taken place a little earlier in the year without Cupertino, as usual, showing off. Cost of the transaction estimated at $ 50 million.

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Vilynx is a small company that has developed a whole arsenal of algorithms … lynx eyes. They are able to watch hours of videos on the channel, analyze the images, texts and soundtracks to classify and index them according to keywords.

This makes it possible to search for content directly in one or more videos, as is usually done with a word in a long document for example.

Apple obviously did not comment on this information, contenting itself with its usual statement. when he buys companies :

“Apple occasionally buys from small companies. We generally do not express ourselves on this type of transaction nor on the goals we pursue in doing so ”.

Apple will quickly find a use for it

Apple could use Vilynx’s work to further improve its app Pictures which includes both pictures and videos taken with a iPhone or an iPad. An app that very quickly becomes a jungle of content in which it is sometimes difficult to find what you are looking for.

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Cupertino could also add bits of algorithms to the search engines ofApple tv or News (not available in France) to more easily find films, statements by politicians, etc. Or even use it to offer an alternative solution to the Google search engine.

Source: Bloomberg

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