September 11 update:

Apple has just reversed its decision and granted Epic Games an extension to use its Connection with Apple service. However, the publisher fears that Apple still changes its mind and still asks its users to no longer use this service.

Initial article:

War between Apple and Epic Games, the publisher of the Fortnite game, takes a petty turn. Apple has just notified Epic Games that it will no longer be able to use the service Sign in with Apple in its applications from September 11.

The publisher therefore asks its users to make changes in order to still be able to connect after this date. They have to go to the app settings and change their email address. Epic Games also recommends creating a password, as this was not required with the Sign In with Apple service.

For users who could not do the operation and who will try to connect after September 11, do not panic. They must contact Epic Games and provide a verification code. This code is part of the email that the publisher of Fortnite sent to each user to notify them of the change in Apple’s policy.

A new court hearing between Apple and Epic Games is expected to be held at the end of the month.

Source : Epic games.

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