Apple’s bundle is slowly taking shape. The California-based company has just hired Tim Connolly, a former Disney executive in charge of the Hulu platform, and then Quibi, a video service founded by iconic Hollywood producer Jeffrey Katzenberg.

Convince the rights holders

This heavyweight in the American entertainment industry was in charge of negotiating distribution agreements with the partners at these two companies. It was thanks to him that Hulu was able, for example, to offer its customers access to Spotify included in their subscription at no additional cost.

Several reports show thatApple is working on a bundle of all of its subscriptions (iCloud, Apple Music, Apple TV +, etc.) at a reduced price compared to separate subscriptions. According to Bloomberg, this “Apple One” offer could be available this month. But for that, it is necessary to negotiate with the beneficiaries so as to lower their demands on income. Exactly what Tim Connolly has achieved in his previous posts.

Source: The Telegraph

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