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Rumors have been circulating about a new Apple event for two weeks. he would be scheduled for November 17th and would have as main theme the new MacBooks. Cupertino could present one or two models of computers doped with AppleSilicon ARM processors as well as updates to existing models, still driven by Intel platforms.

This will undoubtedly be the case with the new MacBook Pro 16, the 2020 edition, a trace of which can be found in the latest Apple Boot Camp software update notice (6.1.13), the one that allows you to install Windows and macOS on the same machine.

Could these be the MacBook Pro 16 whose 3D maps were updated a few months ago? No, because Apple continues to identify them as MB16 2019 in its own documentation.

If these new versions of the most powerful MacBook Pro see the light of day, they will undoubtedly call on the most powerful of the Core 10 processors.e Intel generation, the Comet Lake H. Unless Apple is the first to profit 8-core Core models from the Tiger Lake family (Core 11e generation), processors which have not yet been officially presented but which should arrive in the medium term.

These machines of massive creation could embed professional variations of the upcoming Radeon RX 6000 consumer graphics cards, which AMD must present this Wednesday, October 28.

Several weeks separate us from this hypothetical Apple meeting, and any machines that could be shown there. Until then, other information should feed the noise of the hallway.

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