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Pegatron, one of the main iPhone assemblers in China, does not respect Apple’s code of ethics. The Californian brand recently discovered that its partner was forging documents to be able to put students to work at night, which it strictly forbids in its code of conduct. To force Pegatron to end these practices, Apple has announced that it will not order anything more from the Taiwanese company, whose factories are located in Shanghai and Kunshan.

Pegatron forged documents to cover up violations of our code, including allowing students to work nights and / or overtime and, in some cases, perform work unrelated to their specialty ” Apple explains in a statement sent to the American press, denouncing the ” extraordinary efforts ” carried out by company managers to avoid any checks.

Following this sanction, Pegatron said he immediately fired the manager responsible for the falsification. The company now hopes to quickly regain Apple’s trust in order to continue working with these very large customers. In the meantime, Apple’s other subcontractors (such as Foxconn and Catcher) are emerging as the winners, having themselves experienced similar concerns in the past.

Source: Bloomberg

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