Exit the BeatsX. Apple, owner of the brand founded by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine since 2014, has decided to replace its classic headphones with a much more affordable brand name product.
The new Flexs take the structure of the BeatsX but have some substantial improvements. Magnetic earbuds now have an automatic “play / pause” function, 12 hours of battery life and reworked sound. They also have a microphone to allow you to answer a call when you are wearing them.

12 hours of battery life and fast charging

In fact, equipped with a brand new dual chamber acoustic transducer the Flex would offer superior sound quality to the BeatsX. Advances in digital processor integration would improve bass and midrange rendering while reducing distortion.
Obviously, the Flex will be equipped with the W1 chip, developed by engineers at the Cupertino company, which will allow them to be perfectly integrated into the Apple ecosystem and to pair with an iPhone with a simple gesture.

When it comes to battery life, Beats is one of the good guys and Flex shouldn’t hurt its reputation. They have 12 hours of battery life on paper but also the “Fast Fuel” refill. This allows you to enjoy an hour and a half of music after 10 minutes of charging.

Available for pre-order, at 49 euros, from today, the Flex will be marketed in black and yellow from October 21 only on apple.com. The rest of the resellers should be able to offer them from November 20. As for the gray and blue colors, they will join the catalog in early 2021.

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