Be delivered directly from an Apple store rather than from China. This is what society generalizes in the United States and Canada. The goal is to deliver even faster to the company’s customers, thanks to the territorial network of some 300 stores across the two countries. An order can thus be fulfilled the next day if the destination address is within 150 kilometers of a store.

Even closed, the shops will be able to work

Of course, the device must still be in stock in the store, which excludes in particular certain personalized configurations, in particular for Macs. The choice of shipping from a store, China, or a warehouse is at Apple’s discretion.

This allows the brand to be more responsive, especially on the eve of the launch of a slew of new products before the Christmas holidays. Internally, Apple has also highlighted the environmental benefits of its short-haul deliveries. Finally, it allows employees to work in stores to prepare orders, even if the store is in an area affected by an opening restriction due to the health crisis.

Source: Bloomberg

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