Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, gyms are being distrusted by their subscribers. Applications that offer virtual lessons are popular… and will soon have a new competitor.

Apple Fitness +, the new service of the Californian brand, will offer its subscribers hundreds of courses led by real coaches employed by Apple. Each week, new sessions will be put online.

Apple Watch at the heart of Fitness +

Available on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV within the app Form (which replaces Activity with iOS 14), Fitness + is only available to Apple Watch owners. The reason for this limitation is quite simple, the service measures your heart rate in real time and displays it at the top left of the screen (the activity rings are also on the program).

Thanks to the data transmitted to the application by your watch, Apple will probably be able to adapt the pace of the exercise to your state of form. The system is quite ingenious and brings video game air to your sports lessons.

Most Fitness + workouts do not require specific equipment. If you have a bike or treadmill at home (or watch a class in the gym), you will still be eligible for more intensive sessions. Cycling, treadmill, rowing machine, strength, core training and yoga are some of the first exercises cited by Apple. Others will arrive as we go.

Apple Music is at the heart of Apple Fitness +. Playlists will be offered for free by Apple while subscribers to the music streaming service will be able to listen to their own music.

Apple Fitness + will be available in English-speaking countries at the end of the year for $ 9.99 per month (it’s also included in Apple One’s Premier package). In France, lack of translation requires, we will have to wait.

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