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In 2005, Steve Jobs announced that Apple was preparing to abandon PowerPC chips, unable to deliver enough power without exploding their thermal envelope, and revealed to the world that Mac OS X had led a double life for some time … Fifteen years later, Tim Cook and his teams introduced tonight the first Macs equipped with Apple Silicon processors instead of Intel’s Core.

The Mac: a phenomenal One More Thing

According to Tim Cook, and no doubt thanks to the pandemic, 2020 has been the best year in its history. The arrival of Mac ARM is therefore a successful conclusion and Apple has kept its promise to launch its first Mac with an Apple Silicon chip before the end of the year …

The chip that will animate the first Mac Apple Silicon is called M1. An SoC that merges CPUs, GPUs, and unifies memory as well. Like the A14, it is engraved in 5 nm, and embeds 16 billion transistors.
It has eight cores for the CPU part, four high performance cores, and four low consumption cores, which use 1 / 10th of the electrical power of their powerful counterparts.

The M1 also embeds the latest generation of controller to adjust the power as well as possible and as quickly as possible. The M1 also claims the title of chip displaying the best performance / consumption ratio.

For the graphics part, the M1 finds a third way between the integrated chipsets and the discreet GPU. It embeds 8 GPU cores.

Apple claims that its chip is twice as efficient as a conventional PC chip (which one?) And consumes much less. The M1 also has 16 cores for the neural engine, for artificial intelligence applications.

macOS Big Sur, tailor-made …

Along with the new design and updates for Safari and other in-car apps, macOS 11 brings new features. As the great return ofinstant we… The applications are given to launch immediately. Safari is even faster, according to Craig Federighi, the head of software at Apple.

Big Sur also optimizes power consumption and the power allocated to applications, in order to have as much autonomy as possible and not run out of power.

The M1 chip also allows a new level of security for the code that runs on Macs. By the way, all Apple applications have been optimized for ARM Macs.

Craig Federighi also recalled that Big Sur will be compatible with Universal Binaries 2 applications. Adobe will launch Lightroom next month in Universal and Photoshop will arrive at the beginning of the year. One of the big challenges of migrating from one platform to another is that the big publishers are following the movement …

Big Sur on Macs ARM will also run the iPadOS and iOS apps you use.

Apple has also touted the ease of porting applications from Intel chips to their own M1. This should quickly allow the arrival of native or at least universal applications so that ARM Macs are not left behind.

Some developers have also highlighted the power of the neural engine and what it allows in their application.

The first Mac with an M1 chip: a MacBook Air

The new 13.3-inch ultraportable (P3 compatible) is said to be 2.5 more powerful on the CPU side and five times more efficient on the GPU side. It is even possible to edit multiple 4K streams simultaneously.

The MacBook Air is said to be more efficient than 98% of the PCs sold during the past year. The SSD is also expected to be x2 faster than on the previous generation. The computer does not have a fan and can last up to 15 hours of web surfing. The longest battery life ever announced on a MacBook Air.

With the M1, the Webcam is also improved, welcome to a world hit by the coronavirus. On the other hand, no Face ID but still Touch ID.

The MacBook Air retains its design and its starting price at 1129 euros, with a second model at 1399 euros.

Mac mini also upgrades to ARM

Apple also introduced a new Mac mini – which makes sense, since it served as a test machine for developers. It is three times more efficient than the previous model equipped with a quad core Intel Core. It is also six times more powerful on the graphics side, which will open the doors to many uses, from games to development.

And the Mac mini is, according to Apple, five times more efficient than the best-selling PCs in its class while being only a tenth of their place.

The Mac mini was also the occasion to remind the importance of the neural network in the M1 and what it will allow developers and users.

The Mac mini has two Thunderbolt 4 ports in USB-C format. It is sold for 799 euros for the first model equipped with 256 GB of storage and 1029 euros for the one with 512 GB.

A high-end model equipped with a Core i5 still remains in the range and is sold for 1259 euros.

13-inch MacBook Pro reaches out to M1

Apple updated its high-end 13-inch MacBook Pros last spring with 10th-generation Cores, in this case, the models equipped with 8th-generation Core, which had just benefited from a new keyboard, which are replaced. These 13-inch MacBook Pros therefore switch to ARM, and gain 2.8 times more performance compared to the previous generation. While the GPU part is x5 faster.

Once again Apple insisted on the power of its new laptop compared to the competition. He will be able to edit 8K. The MacBook Pro retains its fans to avoid throttling.

Autonomy is increasing: 17 hours of web surfing, 20 hours of video. Two new records in the Mac world.

It offers two Thunderbolt 4 ports to connect 6K screens in particular. The design does not change, unfortunately, but gains in power and autonomy. It is sold for 1449 and 1679 euros.

The new Macs can be ordered today, will ship next week, and macOS Big Sur will be available for free next Thursday.

Ultimate precision and detail, these are also the first Macs compatible with Wi-Fi 6. Who said: not too soon?

And by way of One More Thing, Apple has resurrected its famous campaign, Hello I am a Mac, I am a PC… Only the actor playing the PC, but he was still making fun of him, obviously …

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