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Yes headphones get a reprieve in France, the charger will in turn be removed from iPhone 12 boxes. Apple believes that there are now enough in circulation and hopes to reduce its environmental footprint.

The charger sold for 25 euros

IPhone 12 buyers will therefore have to use the charger from their old iPhone (but how do you resell it if it’s not in the box?) Or buy a new model as an extra. Thus, the 20 W USB-C charger is available at a price of 25 euros. The MagSafe charger is offered at 45 euros.

Apple had chosen not to include any headphones or charger since the presentation of the last iPhone SE. All models released in 2020 will therefore be without it, also allowing the size of the box to be reduced. In France, however, the EarPods will be kept for legal reasons.

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