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So AirPods Pro users who complain about crackling aren’t crazy. Apple has acknowledged that a few units of its latest wireless headphones “Were likely to encounter problems”. This concerns AirPods Pro manufactured before 2020, ie the vast majority of products in circulation.

Two types of recognized concerns

The brand has implemented a replacement program. It may concern one or two defective AirPods (sometimes only the right or left AirPods are concerned) but does not involve the charging case, which would not suffer from any fault. Apple has recognized two types of sound problems:

  • A crackling or static noise that increases in intensity in a noisy environment, during training or during a call.
  • Incorrect operation of noise reduction technology

If you are affected by either of these two concerns, please be aware that Apple is replacing the affected AirPod or the pair of AirPods for free. The procedure to follow is explained on the Apple website. It obviously involves making an appointment in an Apple Store to check the technical issue.

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