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Apple anticipates a possible decision by the US Department of Justice. After the revelations on the amount paid by Google to be the default iPhone search engine, anti-competitive authorities could terminate this contract estimated at between 8 and 12 billion dollars per year. The Cupertino company would therefore work on its own search engine to replace that of its competitor, if the situation required it.

The arrival of Jonh Giannandrea, a defector from Google after eight years at the company, in 2018 seemed only to be related to artificial intelligence questions regarding Siri. It now appears that he is also working on indexing and research issues. One of the first signs of this strategy is visible in iOS 14, whose home screen search results are now fully powered by Apple technology.

An “Applebot” already crawling the web

However, according to several research experts interviewed by the Financial Times, the task is difficult for Apple. The smallest search engine must index between 20 and 50 billion web pages to be able to provide results that are even less relevant. And it has to do it in just a few milliseconds. Some observers have also observed an “Applebot” crawling the pages of various websites, without however noting an increase in intensity in its activity, for the moment very limited compared to that of Google.

However, Apple has the financial and human resources that would allow it to offer a credible alternative to Google. Enough to allow the company years of investment to reach the level of Google, which has twenty years of experience in the field. But Apple has been generally successful in developing a credible competitor to Google Maps, despite an extremely laborious start. A life-size rehearsal before creating an Apple Search?

Source: Financial Times

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