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How to get along – Aries and cancer: astromagnetism first, then astrocompatibility

The ram and the lunar child

This series on Astro-Compatibility will cover all potential matches in the Zodiac. We will continue this series of thoughts and comments on Aries and Cancer.

Aries – Cancer

The romantic aspect of Cancer is based on domesticity, and Aries doesn’t necessarily think of home when checking availability. These signs are both “cardinals,” meaning they share an action-oriented approach to what they do. However, Aries is Fire and Cancer is Water. Cancer’s actions, and they are definitely action-based people, are thoughtful and conscious and based on a slow approach rooted in the hearth and home. The fire of Aries and the cardinality of Aries means that Aries is twice as active.

The Aries chasing Cancer puts up a “not so fast, man” image. It’s not that a Cancer would be shy, but there is too much inner steel to be considered “easy.” But Cancer and Aries can create a burning fire. The Cancer isn’t necessarily shy, but a little more consciously hesitant, might find the more spirited and outgoing Aries very attractive. Aries can start the conversation and Cancer can end with a thoughtful cancerous smart cue. This is a good potential for compatibility.

Positive postulate:
Since Aries and Cancer share “cardinality,” there is a basic match here. This is especially important with cardinal signs as they “charge first and ask questions later”. The two could create a vibrant family together. Positively, these signs could be a public and dynamic pair. Regardless of how the sexes work, this seems like a couple that could be serious. Cancer would contemplate slowly, Aries would act when they agreed, then Cancer could support him. Aries intelligence and luminosity would be appreciated by Cancer.

Romantic recommendation:
Aries and Cancer would have a very high romance factor, as long as Cancer did not fall into a depressed mood and Aries lose their temper. Offending and being offended could be a drag on romance.

Conflict quotient:
Aries and Cancers have temperaments! Aries starts it and Cancer ends it. Whoa. Be careful. They will certainly have many discussions – long discussions. You see Cancer, regardless of gender, won’t be intimidated, and Aries comes forward with their issues on their lips. It is not a death sentence. It just means that they will have to come to terms with each other and work things out. The advantage here is that there won’t be too many unexpressed and unexpressed issues.

Parlay of peace:
Life at the end is repetitive and mundane, just like the romance itself. This factor begs the question: “Can we be bored together in the long run?” Cancer and Aries might not be able to take boredom, but as they get older they might need it. The cancer “blues” must be watched out for here. Aries can overestimate their correctness and become exhausting.

Keep the interest graph:
Cancer and Aries are good signs of “maintaining interest,” but Aries should stop looking over the fence and flirting at picnics. Cancer isn’t likely to ruin this relationship unless he is deeply hurt or disappointed. Aries can forget how lucky they are, until something shakes them up.

Seven-year itchy rash:
There are signs that by their nature their romantic interests and family concerns are more stable over time. Others are not. There are cardinal signs on both sides here. This means that action could be taken by either one during the 7 year itch period. Cancer is more likely to think and imagine it, far more than Aries. The Aries might stumble upon it, not knowing their subconscious might be too engaged in the prospect of infidelity.

ASTRO-COMPATIBILITY POSSIBILITY ASSESSMENT: 80% positive long term – 50% short term. This has a better chance that the relationship will age. Cancer needs to watch the weight. Aries should care less about losing their youth. The more recent this relationship, the more likely it will not work. But once they get started, these two cardinals could keep their momentum going.

Source by Christofer French

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