Assessed by AI, these American students quickly figured out how to get top marks


Applying artificial intelligence to all sauces is not a good idea, as demonstrated by these American middle and high school students who, since the arrival of the coronavirus in their neighborhood, have been assessed through the Edgenuity web platform.
According to The Verge, it is used by more than 20,000 schools in this country and offers fairly standard tests made up, among other things, of multiple choice questions and text fields to be filled in. But the written answers are rarely read by the teachers. Edgenuity has an artificial intelligence that does this work for them.

But “intelligence” is a big word here, because the students quickly understood that this software just checks for the presence of certain keywords in the answer. Which is far from sophisticated.
Result: some balance a series of carefully chosen words and obtain the maximum mark. You don’t even have to make sentences.

Others take it a step further and copy and paste the question into the answer field, betting that the right keywords are already there. And apparently it works “Almost every time”, according to a student interviewed.
Those who don’t want to go to such extremes can always take a look at the web, where there are now lists of keywords and prefabricated answers that are sure to optimize the rating. Contacted by The Verge, Edgenuity did not comment.

Source : The Verge

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