Atari’s first VCS 800 consoles will finally be delivered soon


The Atari VCS 800 will be desired. Half PC, half retro console whose crowdfunding ended almost three years ago now, the VCS should finally arrive in the hands of all those who have put their hand in the portfolio by co-financing it on the Indiegogo platform.

The first shipments should take place in the coming days, according to a message posted by Atari on the network Medium. In his own words, the brand would be ” to bring the final touches to the first series produced And ready to leave the factories.

To reassure its first 12,000 customers (and with good reason, because delays and worries have accumulated since the launch of the project), Atari has even published several photos of the manufacturing plant to show that everything is on track.

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According to the cliché above, hundreds of models would be ready to be sent in the coming weeks through the distribution channels of the United States. Not to mention that several of the 6,000 collector versions pre-ordered by the Indiegogo community would also be on the trip.

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