Initially set for April, the auction of the first 5G frequencies could take place on September 29, according to The echoes. The stake of this operation is to allocate 11 blocks of 10 MHz to the highest bidders. This will mark the real debut of 5G in France and precipitate its commercial launch.

Who will be the winner?

The four big operators have already been awarded a 50 MHz block at a fixed price of 350 million euros in a first stop earlier this year. However, they can only use it at the end of the procedure. If the amount of spectrum allocated will be limited to 100 MHz per operator, some players could grab more frequencies than others and thus find themselves at an advantage when opening their service to the general public.

The context is particularly tense. Bouygues Telecom tried unsuccessfully to postpone these auctions. He also has seized the Council of State to challenge the prior authorization decree which should force it to dismantle part of its Huawei antennas. Elected ecologists and associations are also particularly mobilized against 5G and demand a moratorium, while operators must regularly face antenna degradation since spring.

Source: The echoes

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