authorities overwhelmed by the migration crisis


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The Texan authorities are facing an influx of refugees, notably from Venezuela, which is going through a serious political and economic crisis. A report by Fanny Allard.

Texas border police are struggling to stem the migration crisis. In Del Rio, the main town of a small county of 50,000 on the border with Mexico, the number of illegal immigrants arrested has increased fivefold since last year. Most are not in hiding and want to be arrested in order to apply for asylum.

Over the past ten days, 7,000 people have been intercepted in Del Rio, including 1,400 from Venezuela, a country plagued by a severe political and economic crisis. A crisis that has reached such a level that the only option is to come illegally to the United States, explains a young father to journalists from France 24.

While some attempt the journey unaided, others are guided to the crossing points by Mexican cartel traffickers for cash.

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