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The Covid-19 pandemic is on the menu for the start of the political year on Wednesday. The Council of Ministers focuses on health protocols, one week before the start of the school year in France. The Medef, which is inaugurating its summer school, wants to reassure business leaders.

First Council of Ministers, Medef summer university… This Wednesday August 26 marks the political re-entry in France. Less than a week away from another dreaded return to school, those of the 12.4 million French students who will return from Tuesday 1er September the ranks of schools, middle and high schools, the question arises of the health safety of children and teachers, in full resumption of the pandemic of Covid-19 in France.

More than 3,000 new cases have been recorded in France in the past 24 hours, according to figures released by Public Health France.

On the program of the Council of Ministers which takes place this Wednesday morning, it will therefore be a question of health protocols. Wearing a mask becomes compulsory in companies, colleges and high schools from 1er September.

School on the front line

The start of the school year is proving particularly delicate for the Minister of Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, whose press conference, scheduled for mid-afternoon, is eagerly awaited. He will indeed have to put an end to the questions still hanging over the start of the school year.

One thing is certain: the return to school will take place next Tuesday, the day after the teachers return to school. The minister rejected last week a possible postponement, demanded by unions, hammering that education is “not an adjustment variable” and that depriving the little French would further increase the inequalities, dug during confinement.

Another point of contention, the debate has swelled in recent days on the free use of masks. The executive, despite urgent appeals from opposition, confirmed Tuesday during a Health Defense Council the decision not to provide free masks to students, except for the most precarious. Several departments, in charge of colleges, and regions, competent for high schools, have promised, for their part, that they will provide them free of charge to the students concerned.

In primary school, students will not have to wear a mask, but the minister has not ruled out imposing it soon on CM1 and CM2 classes. As for teachers, they will have to wear one, except in kindergarten.

Education unions, who consider these measures insufficient. What about the mixing of students? Will they be mixed during recess, class entry and exit or in the canteen? They are awaiting clarifications from Jean-Michel Blanquer during the day.

The expected recovery plan

Reassurance is therefore the watchword for this return to school. This is also what Medef announces for its summer university which opens this Wednesday, under strict sanitary conditions. The employers’ organization wants to restore confidence in business leaders, despite the announcement of the postponement of the government stimulus plan. His presentation, which was to take place this fall, was postponed to Thursday, September 3 to focus on the anti-Covid site.

Guest of France Inter this Wednesday morning, Prime Minister Jean Castex, who is to inaugurate the University of Medef in the afternoon, provided details on the recovery plan. This, which amounts to 100 million euros, will be presented on September 3, he said. Its priority will be to “create as many jobs and jobs as possible”.

The head of government reiterated that “there will be no[it] no tax increase, that’s clear. “The Prime Minister in particular announced exceptional aid of 2 billion euros for the cultural sector, of which he is to meet representatives Thursday afternoon with the Minister of Culture, Roselyne Bachelot.

However, he announced that “it will no longer be possible for the prefectural authority to derogate” from the maximum level of 5,000 people “in the red departments, that is to say where there is heavy traffic. viral “.

Finally, Jean Castex promised the creation of 250 posts this year and 550 next year for the French justice, after noting that the public service of justice was functioning “insufficiently well”, judging the months of July and August “not satisfactory “in terms of security. Jean Castex admitted that the state “has not done its job” with regard to this sector.

The Prime Minister is also expected Thursday morning for a press conference from Matignon on the resumption of the Covid-19 epidemic.

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