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There could only be one left. Google has just announced the upcoming closure of Play Music, benefiting YouTube Music. In a lengthy blog post, the company rolls out its timeline for the transition that will unfold over the next few months.

From the end of August, users will no longer be able to upload or download music using the Music Manager of Play Music. Pre-orders and song purchases will no longer be possible as well.

In September, the streaming service will be closed in New Zealand and South Africa. It will be in October for the rest of the world. At that point, the Play Music app and site will no longer exist. In December, user libraries will be permanently deleted.

Two transfer methods

Of course, Google doesn’t want to leave its users in trouble. A tool allows, for example, to transfer his music recommendations and songs from his library to YouTube Music. For those who do not wish to subscribe to YouTube Music, it is then possible to use the service Google Takeout to download their playlists and music files.

Launched in 2011, Google Play Music has never really met the expected success against Spotify and less since the launch of Apple Music and Amazon Music. To take over, Google decided in 2018 to capitalize on its popular YouTube brand to launch a new music streaming service. We knew that the two could not survive in parallel, it is now established.

Source: YouTube Official Blog

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