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Spain is currently the football capital of the world. Not only did they lift the World Cup last year, but, at Barcelona and Real Madrid, they have two of the best football clubs in the world.

Naturally, the rivalry between these two soccer giants is intense, and every time they meet, the reputation of the two teams is under immense pressure, not only from their respective loyal fans, but also. global media.

Both teams play in La Liga, Spain’s premier league. When these two great football giants meet (at least twice a year in league competition, and more if they face each other in one of the European Trophy matches), the name that is given to the games, (yes , they actually have a name for that particular football game), is “El Clasico” – The Classic.

Since these two clubs started playing against each other in 1902, Real Madrid have a slight advantage, with a total of 74 wins over their former rivals, compared to 73 at Barcelona.

The origin of their great rivalry is in fact politically charged. FC Barcelona, ​​more affectionately known as Barca (correct pronunciation “Barsa”), is the champion of the Catalan region and its peoples, while Real Madrid were many years ago associated with the fascist Franco regime. . This clash between the people and the establishment has been the basis of what is one of the fiercest sporting rivalries in the world today.

There is an amazing story that tells the fortune of an Alfredo di Stefano, now a figure of legend for both clubs. His arrival to Spain from Argentina’s Deportivo Los Millonarios came against a backdrop of fierce competition between Real and Barca, both desperate to sign the player. In the confusion that followed over the bitter argument over who he would play for, it was decided he would play for Real one year and Barca the next day.

The intense confrontation between the two clubs is equated to a reenactment of the Spanish Civil War, a situation which was recently aggravated when only last Wednesday Real coach Jose Mourinho stuck his finger in the eye of the assistant coach of the Barca’s Tito Vianova following previous incidents on the pitch. . Many fear that the bad feeling between the two clubs will spill over to the national team, which are currently bringing nine Barca players to their squad.

But all rivalries aside, these two big clubs have put on some wonderful, scintillating football performances in recent years, although it is undeniable that FC Barcelona are on the rise right now. Their explosive style of football is hard to follow for any other club, and they have humiliated many other big football clubs around the world, just as they did with Manchester United when they beat them in the Cup final Europe last season.

FC Barcelona is currently THE club to be reckoned with. In recent head-to-head meetings with Real Madrid, Barca have won 6 of the last 10 games, with Real only managing 2 wins; the other games being drawn. Barcelona recorded their longest undefeated streak in La Liga last season with 28 games unbeaten, and with nine of their current squad in the international squad, they truly are a force to be reckoned with. Real Madrid devour your heart!

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