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Are you tired of pinging, pinging, pinging aluminum bats? Many people have complained about the high pitched sound before. Well, there is good news for you as the 2008 baseball bats are made of a carbon reinforced composite material. So instead of the sound of the aluminum, you hear more of a thud when the bullet hits the composite bats. It looks more like a traditional wooden bat. You can now get the distance of a metal bat without the annoying sound.

As a baseball equipment retailer and frankly a person who loves the game, we are often asked to choose the best bat. Rather than playing favorites, what follows is a review of two of the top-selling bats in the 2008 gear line.

New for 2008, the Demarini CF3 is making waves all over the college baseball world. The CF3 is Demarini’s first attempt at a composite baseball bat and they passed the test with flying colors. The Demarini CF3 is the first double wall composite bat with 2 walls acting independently of each other for maximum trampoline effect. This, combined with the new clutch cap, gives this bat the biggest sweet spot in the game and allows for maximum performance on off-center hits.

The Easton Stealth Composite is new for 2008 and is Easton’s second attempt with a composite baseball bat. The new Easton Stealth Composite comes in two different ways: regular flex (BCN7) and rigid flex (BCN8). The difference between the 2 is the amount of flex in the opti-flex composite grip. Regular flex has 3 times more flex than aluminum grips and stiff flex has 1.5 times more flex than aluminum grips.

Easton’s second round on a composite baseball bat is a huge improvement over the first. Last year’s version was very weighted and had a very heavy swing weight. In the new models, Easton has moved the kick point towards the grip giving this bat an incredible feeling of balance.

Source by Scott Mathewson

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