I work for an online sports accessories company that offers a wide variety of basketball clothing and equipment. So much so that potential customers often don’t know what to buy and what will ultimately meet their needs. Most of the confusion is about basketball standards, hoops and goals and what each entails. Well here’s the skinny on each.

Basketball Standard: Basketball standards are the most expensive in the bunch. They can be portable or fixed. When you think of standard basketball, you have to think about the type of basketball system used in the NBA or on the playing field. Simply put, a basketball standard is the set – rim, backboard, net and post.

Basketball Hoop: When little Johnny writes to Santa Claus saying he wants a basketball hoop for Christmas, he means he wants the whole package. However, a basketball hoop is not quite the complete package. A basketball hoop is the combination of a rim, net, and backboard, but not a post. Think about your high school gym. Yes, you probably had a basketball standard somewhere that the basketball team was probably using for real games. But you also had basketball hoops on the surrounding walls. That’s what a basketball hoop is – a ledge, net, and back panel that can be attached to an already existing structure.

Basketball Goal: The name of this particular piece of equipment derives its name from its goal. The word goal is something you are striving towards. In sports, the goal is usually where you score points. Well, it’s the same with basketball. The goal is just another name for the rim.

When purchasing sports equipment, it is good to know the difference between the various technical terms associated with each sport. Otherwise, you can unwittingly buy something you didn’t want.

Source by Nishan Wilde

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