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Basketball is a sport that favors tall people or can jump higher than the competition. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to jump higher in basketball for diving, this article is for you.

Before you can dive you need to be able to jump high enough and this is the part of basketball training that you need to focus on. Vertical jump training emphasizes building the strength of your legs with speed.

Jumping is a fast explosive movement and power is the result of strength and speed. If you train properly, you can dramatically increase your jumping ability in a very short time.

One exercise that is great for building strength is the squat. When you squat, you want to do it faster than you would normally see in the gym. You don’t train your muscles to move slowly, but instead want to train them to develop fast twitch muscle fibers.

Speed ​​training is done by doing exercises called plyometrics. When doing plyometric exercises, you should focus on the speed of each jump. When doing reps, you want your feet to be in contact with the ground for as little time as possible between each repetition.

Most people only train for speed or strength and end up seeing very minimal gains after months of training. You need to take your jump training seriously if you want to see any real gains in your vertical jump ability.

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