There are beautiful campuses across the country. From the warm climate schools on the west coast to the schools on the east coast that feel cool in the fall. There are so many big campuses ”. But to have a great college football vibe on Saturday, there has to be more than beautiful scenery. You have to have a special energy around the campus that is contagious. The school should have a group of loyal fans who are always there and cheering on their team through good times and bad. I’m going to go through what I think are the best universities in the country to attend a college football game.

Ole Miss (Mississippi) Rebels – Ole Miss which is located in Oxford, MS is one of the coolest places in the country to enjoy the college football gaming experience. Ole Miss has a loyal and passionate fan base who always show up with energy and make the most of their Fall Saturdays. The special thing they do to Ole Miss is they have a huge hatchback before every home game in what they call the Grove. The Grove is a huge area on campus where everyone sets up their tailgate and throws a big pre-game party. Personally I have never had the chance to experience it but I have friends who go to Ole Miss and they say it is like nothing else. The energy and the good atmosphere are second to none and everyone is always looking to have a good time. These rebellious fans know how to tailgate the right way.

University of Wisconsin – The University of Wisconsin which is located in Madison, WI and is another school with a great hatchback atmosphere. This is one of those schools that has a loyal fan base down to the core. These fans will show up in numbers, no matter if the team is having a good or a bad year, they will be there. They also don’t complain about the weather up there. It’s quite cold there in the winter (subzero temperatures) but the fans still show and make the most of the experience. The tailgating experience in Madison is a bit different from some of the other schools due to the fact that they do outdoor tailgate and grill, but the bar scene is a big part of the experience as well.

Source by Cooper Framke

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