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While Paris supports Athens in the crisis that opposes it to Ankara, the Turkish ambassador to France answered questions from France 24. According to Ismaïl Hakki Musa, “the Turkish people are a great friend of the French people, and vice versa. -versa. ”

Relations between Paris and Ankara have deteriorated considerably in recent weeks due to the support provided by France to Greece in the conflict between it and Turkey in the eastern Mediterranean.

The tone between the two countries rose last week when Emmanuel Macron said that “the Turkish people who are a great people deserve something else”, in an apparent allusion to the actions of the Turkish government and their consequences.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attacked his French counterpart on Thursday (September 17th), calling him “ambitious incapable” because of his firm support for Greece in the eastern Mediterranean.

Guest of France 24, the Turkish ambassador in France recalled “the Franco-Turkish history, the history of our relations which go back to five, six centuries”. “Among friends, allies, there are differences, that is understandable. We have had, it must be admitted, better days,” continued Ismaïl Hakki Musa. “Of course there are serious disputes today, you can call them that, but to speak of a point of no return, no, I would even say that is exaggerated. The Turkish people are a great friend of the people. French, and vice versa. “

According to the ambassador, “our French friends wanted to position themselves on the side of Greece for reasons of their own. Since there is a disagreement in the region, it would be best not to take part among these countries which do not do not get along “.

Turkey is claiming the right to exploit hydrocarbon deposits in a maritime area that Athens considers to be under its sovereignty. The two countries have shown their muscles with martial declarations, military maneuvers and shipments to the area.

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