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Hondi Rugenge, 2019 world champion in bodybuilding, wants to make his discipline a hope for young men in his country, facing poverty and delinquency. Report in Kinshasa.

“You still keep in shape, huh?” Concentrated air, Hondi Rugenge, 2019 world champion in bodybuilding watches over his foals, in full exercise of weight lifting, in a district of Kinshasa in DR Congo. This passionate bodybuilder wants to make his discipline a way out for the young people of his country, in the grip of poverty and delinquency.

“We do this sport for our own good, but not only. We can also create a real career in this sport”, explains to France 24, the bodybuilding champion.

The proof with Tony, a young bodybuilder, from a modest background and who, by dint of training, now has a collection of trophies. His gaze is now on the United States and the Mister Olympia competition, the most prestigious for bodybuilders.

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