Huawei suffers a first defection from a French operator. Bouygues Telecom announces that it wants to gradually remove antennas of the Chinese equipment manufacturer from its mobile network. The dismantling would only take place in dense areas, would concern 3,000 antennas and would be gradual since it would extend until 2028, according to statements by the group’s deputy general manager Olivier Roussat. He was speaking to reporters at a conference on the Bouygues group’s financial results.

A very restrictive “anti-Huawei” decree

The situation is therefore complicated in France for Huawei. Officially, the equipment manufacturer is not the subject ofno targeted measures to evict it from our territory as is the case in the United States or in other European countries. Officially, a decree was taken to limit the influence of its future 5G antennas without ever naming it.

Operators must obtain authorization from ANSSI on a case-by-case basis to install new equipment. With the possibility of being refused on sites deemed sensitive when it comes to Huawei antennas. Worse, even if an endorsement would be obtained, it would only be for a limited time of three to five years and so non-renewable. A hardening which has never been publicly mentioned by France.

This would discourage operators from turning to Huawei. This is what would have motivated the decision of Bouygues Telecom, when the first 5G networks are expected by the end of the year in France.

Source: Reuters

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