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The European Commission proposed on Monday to re-authorize the entry into the EU of foreigners fully vaccinated against Covid-19 or coming from countries whose epidemiological situation is considered good. The proposal is due to be submitted to member states for consideration on Wednesday.

Tourists coming back to France soon? As the summer holidays approach, the European Commission proposed, on Monday 3 May, to allow entry into the EU for travelers from third countries having received the necessary doses of anti-Covid vaccines authorized at European level, according to a press release.

“The Commission proposes to allow entry into the EU for non-essential reasons, not only to all persons from countries with a good epidemiological situation, but also to all those who have received the last recommended dose of a vaccine authorized by the EU, “said the Brussels executive in a press release.

“This could be extended to vaccines that have completed the WHO registration procedure for emergency use. In addition, the Commission proposes to raise (…) the threshold for the number of new cases of Covid-19 used to establish a list of countries from which all travel should be authorized “, she added, specifying that this should lead to an extension of this list.

The proposal must now be submitted to the Member States. The ambassadors of the 27 are due to consider it on Wednesday.

Emergency Mechanism

To limit the risk of importing new variants, the Commission has also proposed to introduce an emergency mechanism allowing the rapid implementation of restrictions for countries where the health situation would deteriorate sharply.

EU member countries, whose agreement is essential for implementation, are due to start examining the proposal on Tuesday.

The Commission said reciprocity should be taken into account in the decision to allow leisure travel from countries outside the bloc.

The newly proposed contamination threshold would not allow American citizens to come freely, but would include British and Russian nationals in particular, according to the latest epidemiological data.

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