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Surprise in the bitcoin ecosystem. Someone has just emptied a wallet containing almost 70,000 bitcoins, the equivalent of just over 800 million euros. It’s a transaction you don’t see every day, and that’s why it has generated so many comments on social media.

This is all the more remarkable as the encrypted private key of this wallet was resold for years under the cloak in various hacker forums. The buyers hoped to be able to break the encryption and thus pick up the jackpot. Alon Gal, head of computer security firm UnderTheBreach, was one of those crypto adventurers. And he was also the one who first saw – slightly annoyed – the transfer of this huge jackpot to another bitcoin wallet. Its purchase is no longer worth a nail.

The question that everyone is asking themselves: would a hacker have succeeded in deciphering this famous private key? This would obviously be the coup of the century. But it is more likely that this transaction was simply carried out by the owner of the wallet. Maybe he noticed – reading – that his treasure was threatened by a growing number of hackers. And maybe then he decided to transfer everything to another wallet, which cuts the grass under their feet. Unfortunately, we will probably never know the truth.

Source: Bleeping Computer

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