C Ronaldo – Pros and Cons


Although C. Ronaldo MAY seem unbeatable right now, but there are or maybe even downsides to his playstyle. So cutting out all the bullshit trying to compare him to L. Messi, let’s take a look at C. Ronaldo. Basically Ronaldo has (or may have): PRO


  • A frantic pace. Some people call C. Ronaldo a “speed demon” and I am one of those people.
  • Can craft things from scratch against teams that don’t come with a specific plan of how to attack him, which is usually the case in EPL.
  • Is very fit which means he can run all day. This particular quality is useful when his team gets a red card or something like that. He can take this extra load on himself.
  • Can shoot with both feet, although his left foot strike is nothing more than a swinger. Don’t really try to control the ball, he just kicks it towards the goal.
  • Can take ridiculous free kicks. What a curve, fold, accelerate at the same time and change direction several times.
  • Possesses individual skills that allow him to pass comfortable defenders in two ways. Either he dribbles in front of them skillfully or he just goes for the first road and pulls them out of the competition.
  • Can direct the ball very well for someone with so much skill in their boots.
  • To all the stuff in the book and stuff that isn’t in the book.
  • Fun for the fans, most people just pay to watch him practice, unlike players like Gattuso or Giggs for that matter.
  • Has a good footballing brain, but not the best. Sometimes makes bad decisions.
  • The nippy feet allow him to maneuver the ball in very tight spaces.
  • His name is Ronaldo. When a defender reads this name on the back of C. Ronaldo’s shirt, he usually starts to shake and this is the reason why most defenders perform poorly against C. Ronaldo due to the mere presence of his name. , not even on his own, which is a huge plus.
  • Over the past 3 seasons he’s been in amazing scoring form. The numbers are staggering: 23 in 53 games in 2006-2007 and 42 in 49 games in 2007-2008. These numbers are scary even for a striker and C. Ronaldo is just a winger. Although not a pure winger, he is more of a winger striker.


  • Pick up the speed of his game and you have a trash bag that is C. Ronaldo.
  • He has a huge attitude.
  • Show a lot of boats.
  • No more dribbling.
  • Don’t like to pass, he’s passing it now that he knows Ferguson wouldn’t tolerate the opposite.
  • His crosses are not the best in the world.
  • Not really a traditional winger.
  • By no means a great match player.
  • Doesn’t take pressure very well.
  • I can’t live with tight branding.
  • Play for fame and glory rather than passion and country (or club).
  • Loyalty is something Ronaldo has yet to come across in his life, or at least it looks like it. Like he just wanted to leave Manchester United when Real Madrid came to pick him up with their millions.

Don’t get me wrong, but that’s my CANDID opinion on him. But now he’s been in excellent scoring form. I mean, come on, 40 goals a season. I don’t care how bad a player is. If that player can score 40 goals, in any league, let alone the EPL, that’s enough for him to play for Real Madrid.

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