Carlos Ghosn ordered to reimburse 5 million euros to Nissan-Mitsubishi


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Dutch justice on Thursday sentenced Carlos Ghosn to repay nearly 5 million euros for income paid in 2018 by Nissan-Mitsubishi BV, their joint venture based in the Netherlands. This procedure was launched by the former leader, who claimed 15 million euros for unfair dismissal.

Former automotive executive Carlos Ghosn is once again overtaken by justice. The former boss, accused of fraud, was sentenced Thursday, May 20, to rpay nearly 5 million euros in remuneration to the Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance by the Dutch courts.

In a statement, an Amsterdam court said in a statement that the fugitive manager was not entitled to the sums received “because no employment contract existed between him and the company”, which is controlled by a company Dutch holding company.

Nissan and Mitsubishi, who ousted Ghosn from their presidency after his arrest for embezzlement, argued that the income had been unduly paid.

This procedure was initiated by the deposed boss of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance himself, who believed he had been unfairly dismissed under Dutch labor law.

Carlos Ghosn demanded 15 million euros in compensation for wages and severance pay not received. But the Amsterdam district court ruled in favor of the two Japanese car manufacturers, ruling that the employment contract between Carlos Ghosn and NMBV was not valid because it had not been approved as required by the boards of directors of Nissan and Mitsubishi.

The court specified that the amount that Carlos Ghosn must return is equal to the sum of the emoluments that NMBV had paid him between April and November 2018.

Carlos Ghosn, who was also chairman of the management board of French manufacturer Renault at the time of his arrest, has always denied the accusations against him. In December 2019, he foiled the close surveillance he was subjected to in Japan and reached Lebanon, a country of which he is a citizen and which has no extradition agreement with Japan.

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