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It is a proven fact that millions of people around the world snore, ordinary men and celebrities. A lot of great personalities, alive and dead, are remembered for their loud zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Here’s a list of celebrities who snore loud enough to keep all of their fandom awake.

Napoleon Bonaparte

The name Napoleon Bonaparte itself is synonymous with political and military success. But according to rumors, just like his unprecedented streak of military victories on the European continent, his loud snores are also unprecedented. His overweight and nasal obstruction are said to have caused this condition. He was known to fall asleep anywhere anytime. The question now is whether we could have changed the course of the historic city of Waterloo by curing the heavy nocturnal breathing of General Bonaparte?

Queen victoria

Queen Victoria became extremely overweight as she got older and her weight is believed to have contributed to her loud snoring.

Winston Churchill

With his cigar smoking and drinking habits, Winston Churchill, the great British war hero was quite famous for his intense snoring. Many people said they saw him snoring while he was taking his afternoon naps.

Teddy roosevelt

Being short, overweight, and having a short neck, Teddy Roosevelt was a big snorer of his time. Doctors believed that his snoring and being overweight played a significant role in his death in his sleep at just sixty years old. The story goes that once Teddy Roosevelt was hospitalized, his snoring increased to such deafening levels that his fellow patients had to complain to hospital staff.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Franklin Delano Roosevelt is said to be one of the loudest snorers of the 20th century. He suffered from hypertension and sleep apnea. FDR was also a well-known smoker.

Elizabeth taylor

According to the buzz inside Hollywood, one of the reasons behind Elizabeth Taylor’s unlucky marriages could have been her snoring. The noise was so deafening and unbearable that she was often referred to as Lizzzzzzz Taylor.

Frank Gifford

Former American football legend Frank Gifford has earned a pretty bad reputation for snoring. His wife is reported to seek refuge every night after her legendary husband’s thunderous nocturnal breathing.

Tom cruise

Tom Cruise’s wife Katie Holmes is also a victim of this age-old problem. They are reported to sleep in separate bedrooms, so that she doesn’t have to suffer from her loud zzzzzzzzz.

Lionel messi

It is reported that the only thing that has turned the peace of Argentina’s World Cup football camp upside down has been 22-year-old three-time world footballer Lionel Messi, saw in the ear.

The snoring stories of the rich and famous might sound like fun, but if you’re a snorer, it’s often not about laughing. Treat your snoring now rather than later to avoid becoming famous yourself!

Source by Claire L Taylor

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