Cerberus banking Trojan regains strength


A new wave of bank hacking is to be feared in Europe. At a press conference, publisher Kaspersky revealed that the authors of Cerberus, an Android banking Trojan, published the source code for their software in a hacker forum earlier this month. August.

Although there was a sophisticated tool there to trap users, the group of hackers eventually broke up and were no longer able to continue the project. A failed software auction, he finally decided to give it all away for free.

As a result, hackers scrambled for the code, and Cerberus mobile infections skyrocketed, both in Russia and in European countries. Individuals are therefore urged to be extra careful and not to download apps outside of the Play Store.

Once installed on a smartphone, Cerberus is able to steal the credentials of banking applications by various techniques: interception of SMS or phone calls, deceptive graphical interfaces, remote access, etc.

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