Chelsea set to dominate European football


There is a new heavy force in European football, they are apparently funded by the Russian economy, they mean business and their name is Chelsea FC The Chelsea Football Club has always been a decent club in the second layer of English clubs . In London alone, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur have invariably moved ahead of the Chelsea Blues, even West Ham has often put Chelsea in the shadows. But more, because in the 2004-2005 season Chelsea won the English Premier League title for the first time in fifty years, their only previous season.

But they did not stop there, in the new 2005-2006 season, they are already clear in the title race leaving all their rivals panting, and now they have set their sights on the pinnacle of all the clubs’ trophies. , the European Champions League. . Chelsea have never won the Champions League, indeed no London club has ever done so. And it is clear that their charismatic coach Jose Mourinho intends to win the Champions League again, he did so with his former club Porto, from Portugal.

So what about the traditional English giants? Manchester United, often described as the richest football club in the world, fell into the hands of the Glazer family of Tampa Bay, but they should have borrowed half a billion pounds to buy United, a debt the club is assuming. from now on. Spending on new players has so far been slim on the pitch and abrupt Glasgow manager Sir Alex Ferguson has admitted that United, for so long England’s most successful club, cannot compete with Chelsea when it came to buying players. The hordes of United fans are not amused, the natives are more and more restless.

Arsenal, the biggest and most successful club in London, lost their skipper and driving force Patrick Vieira last summer, he moved to Juventus in Italy for £ 12million and with their star striker Thierry Henry suffering from fitness issues, they suffered unusual to old-fashioned defeats. clubs like West Bromwich Albion and Middlesbrough. This is their final season at their famous old Highbury stadium before moving to their new purpose-built Emirates Stadium almost next door. The 60,000 capacity increase will undoubtedly offer their French manager Arsene Wenger more money to spend next year, but of course they have to pay for this new pitch as well. Far from challenging Chelsea again, it looks like Arsenal are more likely to fall behind.

That leaves Liverpool and Newcastle. The news just comes today that American company Kraft and his family are interested in investing in Liverpool FC, maybe even buying the club just like Manchester United fifty miles down the road, but that’s a bit later. . And they too are looking to build a whole new stadium in Stanley Park and of course it all costs a lot of money. Despite last year’s bizarre Champions League victory, Liverpool’s league form this season has again been patchy, and that included a 4-1 failure by Chelsea at their own Anfield home ground. The idea that Liverpool could challenge Chelsea for the title remains far-fetched. Newcastle, England’s second best-supported club, are gradually improving, and they have signed England center-forward Michael Owen, but they still remain unconvincing at the top level. They haven’t won the title since Noah was seen building his ark, at least it seems, and neither will they this season.

So while it is very popular for foreign investors to take over the major English (and Scottish) football clubs, it seems only Roman Abramovich at Chelsea has the financial capacity to buy the best players around. He is the only one to put unlimited funds on the table. Top players are now commanding a transfer fee of £ 40million each and while Manchester United could afford one of them a season, Chelsea’s purse seems bottomless. They have already spent over £ 220million and are still in the market to buy again when the transfer window reopens in January.

They have already achieved success by winning at home, now the European Champions League is the holy grail for them, a trophy that they are now the absolute favorites to win with the odds layers. And surprisingly, they’ve achieved their success to date with an array of strikers who haven’t really cut the mustard. Mutu the Romanian, was quickly sacked for drug addiction, Crespo the Argentinian, was sent to Milan on loan last season, and although he’s back now he barely sets the world on fire, or even plays too Often times, Gudjohnson an Icelandic, most often plays, the muscular Drogba from Ivory Coast seems to have finally claimed the number nine jersey as his own, but many blues followers are still not convinced about him so it would seem likely that Chelsea may still be looking for another proven shirt. goalscorer came in January, especially after a rare recent loss to Manchester United.

It would take a brave man to back Chelsea in any competition right now. But if you want, you can still have a $ 30 free bet on by entering the code 6CHE3VPWJ when prompted. But one thing is certain; no one would be surprised if this time next year both the Premier League trophy AND the Champions League trophy were on display in the Chelsea conference hall. It seems that only the Italian giants Milan and Juventus, and the first two Spaniards, Real Madrid, and more particularly Barcelona with their Brazilian superstar, surely soon the world player of the year, Ronaldinho, could stop the London blues. It really looks like we’ve entered a new era of European and world football, or if you prefer the ridiculous name no one ever uses, football. Chelsea fans have never had it so well as everyone is panting in their wake as it is a fact that Chelsea Football Club have raised the bar for everyone to follow. Time will tell if anyone can.

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