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Black Friday, the 2020 edition of which will take place on November 27, is not the most popular business event in China. Since 2009, Singles’ Day has been generating sales records among Chinese people thanks to the company Alibaba, which owns the online sales site AliExpress. It also began to invade other countries, including France.

Singles’ Day is held on November 11 each year. Originally, this date was chosen in 1993 by four students from the city of Nanjing (or Nanjing according to the spelling), who started a day dedicated to singles, in reaction to Valentine’s Day. The most common hypothesis on the November 11 choice (11/11) indicates that the four 1s symbolize the four single students.

Many discounts on AliExpress

The AliExpress site will start offering discounts and the biggest promotion day will take place on November 11, with a plethora of coupons. According to Dealabs, the coupons available will be as follows:

3 € reduction from 25 € of purchase with the code 1111VENTE3
5.22 € reduction from 34.83 € of purchase with the code AEFRSCD11
9 € reduction from 80 € of purchase with the code 1111VENTE9
10 € reduction from 100 € of purchase with the code 1111VENTE10

For shipments from Europe:
7 € free from 50 € of purchases with the code 11RAPIDE7
10 € free from 70 € of purchases with the code 11RAPIDE10
15 € offered from 110 € of purchases with the code 11RAPIDE15
28 € offered from 200 € of purchases with the code 11RAPIDE28

The Singles’ Day should also appear on other online sales sites, for example Cdiscount.

Find Singles’ Day on AliExpress.

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