Chrome can now scan for unknown malware in the cloud


Members of the Google Advanced Protection program will now be able to take advantage of a new service, on-demand and cloud-based malware scanning, directly from Chrome.
As of August 2019, these users already receive a security alert when they download a suspicious file, but suspicious does not necessarily mean malicious.

In order to find out, they will now have the option of uploading this file to Google’s cloud, where it will be audited based on static and dynamic analysis. The result is communicated to them in seconds, and they can then make a more informed decision whether to keep this file. Files transferred to Google will obviously be deleted soon after.

Launched in 2017, Google Advanced Protection is an offer dedicated to people particularly exposed to computer attacks, such as journalists, human rights activists or members of political organizations. It relies in particular on strong authentication by security key.

Source : Google

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