With Chrome 86 and Chrome OS 86, Google is making many interface and function changes for people with visual and / or hearing disabilities. Besides serving its current users, the goal is also for Google to continue to do Chromebook one of the most simple and easy to use machines on the market. The update is still rolling out and if you haven’t received it yet, it should be around the corner.

  • The more accessible PDF format : With Chrome OS 86, it is easy to export large amounts of web pages in PDF format both in Chrome and also in Chrome OS. This should allow visually impaired people to read the texts better, by magnifying them as they wish. Reading software assistants will also be able to read words better and be more efficient, according to Google.
  • The mouse cursor can change color : a simple way to make it more visible or better identifiable on the screen. More than 7 shades are available and all are compatible with other accessibility options such as cursor magnification for example. It is also possible to modify more easily and in depth the controls attributable to the touchpad of the machine.

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  • Function Dictation still getting better : the selection of a text on a web page or in a document will now be much more visible than the rest of the text from which it is extracted. A simpler way to better focus on the words the voice assistant will be saying. This is to be activated and refined in the parameters of the Dictation.
  • ChromeVox, polyglot ventriloquist: this text-to-speech software will be able to read texts in several languages ​​without using the same voice. Thus, if a text in French includes quotations in English, two very distinct voices will be used by the Vox assistance to make it more practical and pleasant for the listener.

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