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Google has just announced a new tool to increase the security of its autofill module in Chrome on Android.

Used to automatically enter your personal data in online forms, Autofill is also useful for entering your passwords and bank details when shopping on the web.

Enhanced security of credit card payments

Until now, users who have chosen to register their bank card in their Google account to pay for their online purchases must automatically fill in the visual cryptogram displayed on the back of the card to validate the use of their bank data required for payment of their purchase.

But things should change soon. Chrome will soon allow users who wish to register their device so that it automatically fills in all banking data, including visual cryptogram, using the biometric sensor on their smartphone.
When using their bank card for the first time from their smartphone, the user must manually enter this cryptogram to validate their payment, but can confirm the following using the biometric sensor on their device.

To secure and validate the use of the biometric sensor, Chrome relies on the W3C WebAuthn standard. The associated data thus never leaves the smartphone.

A faster connection with the password manager

Chrome’s password manager is also taking advantage of a new system to connect to a site faster. As soon as the user arrives on a login page whose credentials are saved in the keychain, Chrome displays a Touch to login pop-up showing the site’s login credentials.

This new system thus offers a means of connecting quickly without having to navigate through the keychain to select the account to use for the connection.

No specific date is given for the arrival of these new features in Chrome on Android, Google simply indicating that they will be deployed in the coming weeks.

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