Dress rehearsal for Telefoot. Tuesday morning, the ” new football channel »Invited the press to a presentation event, a few hours after opening their subscriptions. The new rights holder for Ligue 1 Uber Eats, Ligue 2 BKT, Champions League and Europa League will launch on Friday despite many technical constraints … such as its unavailability on many platforms and sports, such as the cancellation of the match between OM and ASSE. The health context obviously has its share of responsibility in this race against time.

IOS app ready, not Android app

Already available on SFR boxes and announced for August 26 at Bouygues Telecom, Telefoot is currently absent from Orange, Free and Canal + decoders, which have not yet reached an agreement with Mediapro, its owner. This necessarily excludes millions of French people, who will have to be content with an application at launch… itself late. We will have to wait until the next quarter to see Telefoot land on connected TVs, Android TV boxes or game consoles. Only Apple TV already has its Telefoot application, thanks to an agreement between Mediapro and Apple.

As if that weren’t enough, the Telefoot app is only available for iPhone and iPad at the time of this writing. Asked by 01net.com, the CEO of Telefoot, Julien Bergeaud, explains that the Android application is being validated and that the last bugs will soon be eliminated. A launch before this weekend is hoped for, but not guaranteed.

During its press conference, Mediapro said it had tried to convince the League to postpone the start of the championship by one week, in particular by mentioning the Champions League, which will not end until Sunday. The League did not want to know anything, forcing Telefoot to finalize its launch in these strange conditions. Only SFR subscribers, Apple device owners and website users will have access to this weekend’s matches. Hoping that the situation will improve by the second day. The cheapest mobile offer is not yet accessible in the application.

Regarding the cancellation of the match Marseilles – Saint Etienne, Telefoot reassures and says to have a plan B. Its big launch party, scheduled for Friday, will take place thanks to the delay of the match Bordeaux – Nantes, brought forward to Friday.

Discussions still ongoing

In parallel with this launch, Mediapro is still discussing with the other operators to find a distribution agreement. The group explained to us that it does not plan for satellite broadcasting for the moment for people in white zones, without closing the door to this system in the future. Other information, Mediapro is in discussion with Facebook to distribute its channels on the social network. The disagreements would today be technical and not commercial, which could mean that Telefoot will soon arrive on more devices.

In the future, Mediapro has also said it is open to the idea of ​​integrating its channels directly into the Apple TV application. “We are watching with great attention the new models of Apple which are designed around the distribution of channels and services. Ultimately it may be interesting for us. “ Julien Bergeaud explains to us. In the United States, the Apple TV app already offers live sports tracks.

Two 4K matches per week

Finally, we were able to obtain details on Telefoot’s 4K HDR broadcasts, highlighted on the channel’s website. Only two games will be broadcast in this quality each week, it should probably be the biggest posters (one truck travels in the North, the other in the South). All 4K compatible devices will have access to the Telefoot 4K stream.

In addition to its main channel, Telefoot has eight event feeds for evenings where several matches take place.

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