Concussions occur when the brain is jostled by a blow, fall, car accident, or otherwise the head may be shaken. It can cause bruising or affect the brain in various ways. Sometimes it is not easy to tell if a person has a concussion, although often there may be blurred vision, headaches, confusion, or even fainting. My daughter suffered concussions as a figure skater – we can only hope that there won’t be any future problems (coaches were well aware of keeping skaters off the ice until they recover, even for days).

NFL players are notoriously susceptible to concussions – over and over again. Even with a helmet, the brain is jostled around the head, hitting the skull. Repetitive concussions become more dangerous – they can affect memory, speech, or even cause constant headaches. Once there is a concussion care must be taken to let the brain rest and heal – no longer being put back into the game. It is only recently that awareness of the damage caused by concussions has become. prevalent in professional football, with extra care taken after a shot. This had not been the case in recent years – a player was put back into the game before proper healing was required. Thus, more damage to the brain would have been caused. NFL players have some of the highest rates of concussion injuries – the physical aspects of the game are very dangerous.

I have a friend who was a professional football linebacker. He now suffers from concussions he had while playing football. He only remembers 4 or 5 concussions in all of his years in the NFL, although there are likely others that weren’t properly reported as concussions. It’s not easy to go through days with headaches or difficulty learning or remembering information. He has more problems, repetitive concussions. He says his head hurts so much every day.

The brains of deceased footballers are starting to be examined – this will provide more information about what happens with repeated hitting. Hopefully more protections and rules will be implemented, to prevent further brain damage or at least mitigate its effects. It is hard to imagine anything that can be done to prevent the brain from being jostled in the brain during a hit, fall or other action in a game or practice.

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